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Welcome to my Tarot reading page. Below you will find a lot of useful information about my services.

I have had a strong interest in the transpersonal, magic and mysticism for many, many years. I have practiced magic (of the ritual variety, not the stage sort!) in some forms over the years and can only say in my experience it can work and has had a profound impact on my life.


However, I like to think of myself as fairly grounded in my views; I value science, philosophy and art and avoid oppressively positive and (in my opinion) naïve new age beliefs that reject empiricism and deny the shadow of both individuals and nature. I believe in truth and authenticity as being an awareness of both our lower and higher natures.


It's with these values, experiences and my understanding of psychotherapy that I conduct thorough Tarot readings.

Tarot Readings Explained

What is Tarot?

Tarot could be described as a divination method or practice, in which we gain insight into ourselves and potential future events (based on our current behaviour and path - this can of course be changed). It most importantly aims to give a reflection of ourselves and our environment (socially, emotionally and circumstantially). In my personal experience, there have been many powerful readings conducted which have been significant to my life and others. However, I am not here to preach that Tarot works as a science - there is no definite evidence about Tarot and from a rationalist worldview, it's simply luck of the draw and coincidence; this isn't an invalid perception! but my experience differs. There is a lot of history behind the Tarot (and a LOT of fabrication and embellishment). It very likely originated as a divination 'game' for the wealthy, in medieval Italy. Some have suggested it's origins lay much further back, in ancient Egypt - but this seems fantastical from a literal point of view. However, I do believe the Tarot represents transpersonal and archetypal themes which have existed in the collective unconscious, for at least as long as humans have existed. Some believe it's cultural history is a closed practice, but this doesn't appear to be the case in my understanding of it's history (nor do I particularly believe in closed practices, so long as said practice is handled with respect and understanding).

How will my Tarot reading be conducted?

I do not conduct live readings at this time - my prefered method is to conduct readings solo in order to fully immerse and reflect on the cards. I'll ask you to engage in the process by first completing a worksheet, which will ask a series of questions about you (a reflective description of yourself), current and/or past circumstances relevant to the reading, your future goals and/or vision, and the most important relationships in your life. You are welcome to go into as much or as little detail as you wish, but I believe the more engagement in this process, the more accurate a reading outcome will be. I am not a psychic and not claiming my readings serve as absolute accuracies about your future. I ask for personal information because it helps me to understand what the cards are telling me about you and your life, and to offer a more accurate reflection. Of course, much of the reading will be interpretive based on the information you provide, but I use my psychotherapy knowledge in order to give thorough and in depth analysis, whilst holding back my own assumptions and judgements. The worksheet you will be asked to do also asks that you complete the creation of a 'sigil' (a unique magic symbol) to sit alongside me whislt conducting a reading - alternatively you are welcome to send a photo or unique piece of text, should you feel uncomfortable about constructing a sigil. Once you submit your completed worksheet, sigil and payment, I will be in touch with a reading as soon as possible (usually within 72 hours). To begin, please complete the form below and I will respond as soon as possible.

What Tarot deck is used?

I always use David Palladini's 'Aquarian Tarot' deck. First published in 1970, the deck depicts an art deco style fused with medieval imagery often seen as appropriate for the Tarot due to it's origins. There are many different Tarot decks and no one is innately better than the other (though there are some poorly illustrated and produced sets out there!). The key point is that the person using a deck has a deeper connection with it - for me, this is the Aquarian deck. I have been using the Aquarian Tarot since I was 15. I found a very old deck whilst helping my dad clear things out (though I have a fresher deck nowadays). He didn't know where they had come from, so there was certainly a mystery surrounding them. They also came during a significant time in my personal development, so they are very much a guide I often fall back on.

How personal and private information is protected

My readings are conducted in line with UK law, with emphasis on your information being protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - 2018). However, in the event that you disclose a significant safeguarding issue (such as being a significant threat to yourself or another) I may have to break confidentiality in line with UK law (in most cases I will simply signpost you to more appropriate support). I won't ever break confidentiality without informing you first. In addition, I work within the framework of the Human Rights Act (1998) and the Equality Act (2010). All information provided via the worksheet (or otherwise) is kept private and confidential on a 2 step password protected, encrypted online vault that only I have access to. All information saved will be destroyed after 2 yearsof our last contact. Tarot readings are conducted by myself in private, with photographic evidence supplied by email, with your final sigil included in the image for verification. This photo will also be kept as part of this document for the 2 years noted above.

My commitments to safeguarding

Whilst Tarot readings can be incredible helpful, guiding and powerful, they can also bring reflections and outcomes we might find upsetting or distressing. I cannot sheild you from a potentially chalenging outcome (though I will always endeavour to frame any outcome with a constructive analysis and path forward). Whilst Tarot readings can have therapeutic benefit, they should not serve as a substitute from professional counselling or psychotherapeutic support. It is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate self care measures in place before engaging in a Tarot reading. This might include support from trusted friends, family or a professional counsellor or psychotherapist (although I am a qualified psychotherapist, I do not consider myself your personal therapist on the basis of conducting a Tarot reading, unless we have previously agreed to work together). As a part of the initial worksheet, I will ask some safegaurding questions regards your current mental wellbeing and if there is any active suicidal ideation and/or plans. Should there be an immediate risk to yours (or another's) safety, I will refuse to proceed with a reading and refund any payment made in advance.

Payment Information

I charge £40 for one Tarot reading per individual. This includes a thorough analysis of the outcomes of a 12 card spread, including a summary and constructive feedback. I can provide discount for those unemployed or on lower incomes (please enquire in your email). All payments must be made by bank transfer or PayPal upon completion of the initial worksheet. Bank details will be provided with the worksheet upon request. I offer no refunds once a Tarot readings has been conducted and sent to you.

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon!