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"I used to think Leosaysays was a character I created... I now suspect I'm a character being created by Leosaysays"

Leosaysays is the creative moniker of Rob Manners, an Artist, Illustrator, Tarot reader and UKCP reg. Psychotherapist ( working in Nottingham, UK.

"The name 'Leosaysays' is an alias which I have used to credit my artwork for several years. Depending on my mood, I see it very differently -  a separate and creative identity, an excuse to be mischievous, or a spirit entity which informs my creative process.

I am a father to one son, Seth, and I live with him and my partner Sasha, both who I love very much. I now primarily work as a psychotherapist from home and have almost a decade of experience. I am also a professional illustrator, being a regular contributor to the Left Lion magazine among other prior clients.

I have always had a strong interest in the transpersonal, magic and mysticism. I like to think of myself as fairly grounded in my views; I value science, philosophy and art and avoid oppressively positive and (in my opinion) naïve new age beliefs that deny the shadow of both individuals and nature. I believe in truth and authenticity as being an awareness of both our lower and higher natures. It's with these values and my understanding of psychotherapy that I conduct thorough Tarot readings.

I spend my spare time with my family, watching too many YouTube videos, resisting junk food and engaging in personal creative projects."