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About Me

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"I used to think Leosaysays was a character I created... I now suspect I'm a character being created by Leosaysays"

Leosaysays is the creative moniker of Rob Manners, an Artist, Illustrator, and UKCP reg. Psychotherapist ( working in Nottingham, UK.

"I think a lot of my artwork serves as a patchwork; a sort of 'nod' to the many artistic influences I've encountered over the years. Being born in the 1990's, I've always enjoyed elements of popular culture (for all it's sins) and horror in particular.


Ironically, I have a great adoration for subversive, ethically antagonistic guerrilla pieces and outsider art. I enjoy the strange and the beautiful; alchemical manuscripts, mysticism, the Symbolist movement,  Surrealism, Dadaism and the Avant Garde.

I enjoy the strange, ghostly and macabre, having been fascinated by horror movies, the supernatural and dark mysteries since very young. Much like my perceptions in life, I find my work sits on the threshold between the known and unknown realms - the conscious and the unconscious - and the uncanny tension created there.

I am seduced by the erotic sensuality of Art Nouveau. I like androgynous fusion between boldness and curvature in the lines I create. The contrast of duality and the paradoxes of unity, all at once.


If you love what you read, I'd love to hear from you. Contact me using the form below, or find me on:

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